If Figure Skating were easy….they’d call it Hockey!

That my friends is my daughter’s favourite saying.  She’s forever quoting it to her brother who plays hockey.  It certainly leads to some animated conversations between the two of them!  Thank goodness they seem to be each others best friends, so therefore it’s always in good fun.  I cannot tell you how much it warms my heart to see the two of them interact.  Oh and by the way I have warned her not to expect to date until her brother graduates as it seems all of his friends are afraid to even speak to her LOL!  I’ve told my children to treasure each other and try to hang onto the bond they have developed.  Alas I wasn’t quite as fortunate, my parents started their family quite young and had three children very close together.  Nine years after the third child was born my Mother decided before it was too late to have a fourth (although my sis will try to tell you I was a mistake, I truly was a sneaky trick), and just so you know, my sis is just teasing me which she has every right to do seeing how she was saddled with me half the time.  Nothing like having to take your baby sister on all your dates, or try to walk blocks in front of her while she’s singing "Thomasina" at the top of her lungs after having to take her on your movie date!  You love me right Di????????  Memoriesssssssss………..
But getting back to the title of my blog.  Lastnight after my daughter’s skating was over, her brother’s team took to the ice for their hockey practice.  We were all sitting in the music room talking with her skating coach, when my son’s hockey coach entered the room.  Keep in mind, this team is Midgets AA, these boys know their hockey, and trust me they know how to play!  So imagine our surprise when the said hockey coach, approaches the said Figure Skating Coach, and asks……..
"would you be interested in coming to town one night, to teach my boys edges and balance?"  Thank goodness my daughter is a very polite, quiet young lady (yes I know she takes after her father tyvm) and managed to keep her laughter and joy contained.  That is until she and I got in the vehicle to drive home.  Now what to you suppose I listened to for the entire drive??????  LOL you got it, I do believe part of her monologue went like this "I can’ttttttttttt believe he kept a straight face while he asked her that!  I’ve always said to my brother that us figure skating girls are the one’s that teach the boys how to skate before they even join hockey.  I mean helloooooooo when we hit the ice after a huge jump we don’t have three layers of padding on.  Ohhhhhhh this is soooooo good, they are getting a lesson from MY COACH!"  And so on and so forth and on and on it went.  After fighting very hard not to burst out laughing at her glee, I reminded her to not tease her brother, but honestly, I’m not sure she heard a word I said she was far to busy rubbing her little hands together!  I’ll be sure to update you on how the "lesson" goes if in fact it does happen lol.
On a side note, we had a pretty good day today, although it wore me out.  I’m not quite up to snuff yet so a drive to the city and back (an hour both ways) is almost too much for me yet.  However I did get to go to The Olive Garden for lunch so I was one happy traveller.  Now this next comment is in no way an insult to computer savvy people.  But I’m very much a people watcher, and we sat beside a table with 12 very loud people.  Not loud in an annoying way, just loud in a way that it was easy to catch some of their conversations.  Now I’ve never claimed to know much about computers (I just type well it’s the secretary part of me) but trust me these people very much knew what they were talking about.  At some point I began to giggle, the hubby and daughter asked me what was so funny.  I said you know how I’m always using the term "terd of hurtles" rather than "herd of turtles"?  Well this fine bunch of computer geniuses just made me think of a new term.  You ready for it?   Herd of Nerdles!!!!!!!!!!  Okay well I thought it was cute……and I’m sure if I had shared it with them they would have had a wee giggle over it as well.  Somehow it loses something in the translation here in blog land but trust me I thought I was pretty witty. 
Hope you all had a lovely day, I shall leave you with a pic of my babies and wish you the sweetest of dreams.
Stay well…………
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7 Responses to If Figure Skating were easy….they’d call it Hockey!

  1. Princess says:

    LOL… as a spouse of a nerdle I can tell you they truly are a unique breed, travel in packs, and speak in languages I don\’t comprehend… but they are good for droning on and on about computer crap till you fall peacefully asleep…

  2. Hammer-Down Hillbilly says:

    I resemble that comment. And Bootsie, What is so wrong with being a techno-geek? Hmm? Hmmm?

  3. Magick says:

    I think "herd of nerdles" is hysterical……and yes I still love you sissy-poo (even though, now I can\’t get that stupid song Thomasina outta my head)!! Oh, and btw, you coming on some of my dates was great…..it meant I didn\’t have the bother of a wrestling match when the date was over……lol.

  4. JGH says:

    Hadn\’t heard "herd of turtles" for a long time…we usually completed it with "on a cluster of sh.t"…when speaking of someone that wasn\’t moving very fast..Oh, the joys children bring…cherish them…they are too fast grown and too fast gone…You are the warmest…JG

  5. Bordeaux says:

    Thank you for a VERY entertaining read!! A Herd of Nerdles!!!! too funny!And reading about your children was great too…. they sound like great kids… with just a health amount of mischief in them (with the teasing of one another)…..Did you find your pedometer? Just checking (grin)…Hugs, HugsTrace

  6. James says:

    OH good grief your poor son. I can see him turning red right now and I can see your daughter just rubbing her hands together with glee giggling her head off. And I can just picture you with your tounge firmly between your teeth as you try to not laugh. But in the end. Your daughters coach is right. The girls do skate better then the boys at that age.

  7. Unknown says:

    Here in Minnesota girl\’s hockey is a widely popular sport now. The girls are good and play the same game as the boys do. It can get rough. Since they are all padded/helmeted up I forget the difference in gender as I watch sometimes.I do agree though that figure skating requires much more skill and finess on the ice. I know I\’d sure hate to go down with just a skimpy little outfit on…-Scandie

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